Sensual Massage Cornwall

Massage hands Welcome to my massage website:

I have always had an interest in massage and along with my desire to please and help people is the reason I offer this service. The massage I offer is not just physical it goes much deeper including the mind body and spirit.

A sensual massage can be sexually exciting, stimulating or just sensual. It pretty much depends on the receiver and that is why it is very helpful to discuss with me, what you want from the massage, taking some time beforehand can result in you having a much enjoyable massage.

The massage is an all over body stroking, with no kneading of the muscles or deep tissue. It is soft and gentle, which has a calming and relaxing effect, yet at the same time is very exciting and stimulating.

Imagine my hands moving up and down your body, at times so gentle that you will feel yourself drifting off into what seems like another world while listening to very relaxing music.

You will feel cared for and safe, pampered to the highest degree.

In the one to one sessions The body is gently awakened by the power of touch, as if the skin is covered in tens of thousands of tiny sensors and I am activating every one of them. The gentle and stroking of the body with the hands, fingers, finger tips and backs of the hands, electrifies the body and prepares it for receiving. The Massage that I perform entices pleasure rather than enforces it.